Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cougar Pride, Worldwide!

The Cougar flag flew proudly today all throughout Stirling!

Halie (fellow WSU student) and I met and had our picnic lunch near the ancient Stirling Abbey, and then made our way over to Stirling Bridge to start our adventure! The wind made flying the flag more difficult than we thought, but we got the hang of it eventually! (pardon the pun)

After we conquered the bridge, Amanda met us and we all trekked up to the castle! That was a little trickier due to all the tourists, wind, and the fact that they decided to start refurbishment work today! But we persevered! We had such a fun time running around the castle, and people around us were very interested and amused by our flag flying as well. When we were leaving, a couple asked us if they could take a picture of us and our flag, which we thought was pretty funny. Then they told us that their son had graduated from WSU!

Overall, what an amazing and fun filled day. The sun was shining, (it got to 79 f! YES!) our flag was flying, and we were happy :)

They say whoever holds Stirling holds Scotland. So Huskies beware: the Cougs already took the castle.


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