Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And Then The Rain Caught Us

It is our last day in the Cotswolds, and our last day of spring break. Amanda and I are sitting in our adorable bed and breakfast, our wet clothes drying across various surfaces of the room. The rain is splashing against the window panes, and now that we're warm inside, its gentle sounds are homey and comforting.

We got some sunshine this morning, so we were able to take one last tour of Chipping Campden and look into a few different shops that we hadn't had the chance to peek into before. Then we came back to the bed and breakfast so I could have some lunch, and Amanda could have another cream tea. At that point in time, it was still looking pretty nice, and while there were a few clouds in the sky, they didn't look too foreboding, and some sun even poked through every once in a while. So, being optimistic, Amanda and I decided to try one last walk to the nearby town Broadway.

We might have made it to our destination if we hadn't taken a two mile diversion by accident...oops! Half an hour later, we excitedly found our way back to where we were supposed to be, and just like clockwork, the rain started. So, feeling a little defeated, we headed back to town and just barely beat the worst of the rain.

I really don't think we can complain though, because we decided to do spring break in England, and today was our only day of rain. I'm going to count us pretty lucky! So now, we really have no choice but to make a pot of tea, lay back, and spend some quality time reading before we are called back to school!

Tomorrow, we have the trek back up to Stirling, which I cannot say I'm excited for. We don't go through London this time though; we catch a train in Bristol which takes us directly to Glasgow, which will be a lot better I think. They say it's snowing up there, and so we are just crossing our fingers that the public transportation doesn't get bogged down.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Wasn't it Jane who got caught in a rainstorm! Luckily you have a lovely home to take shelter in...though probably no Darcy or Bingley present...