Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back To Basics

Tonight Grace is coming over, and we're going to cook a meal that our host mom made for us when we first got to Stirling! That experience is actually what brought us together, because we had to sleep in the same bed, which at the time I wasn't thrilled about. Now I'm so happy that it happened :)

It seriously feels like a lifetime ago that we got into Stirling. I suppose, in a way, it was a life ago, because my life in Scotland can hardly be categorized along with the rest of what I've done. It is so weird to think that in a little less eight weeks, I will be getting on a plane to leave. On the one hand, I am SO excited to see my family and friends again, be in a familiar place, go to the store in the middle of the night if I want to, have good service at restaurants...but on the other hand I will also miss things about Scotland. How easy it is to take the train somewhere, how it's not weird to drink gallons of tea in one sitting, Chico's: the awesome Indian take-away place, cider and black...

Cooking this meal from the early Scotland days makes me realize how much fun I have had here so far :) I've got to make the most of the next eight weeks!

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