Sunday, February 12, 2012

Moving Into My Flat!

Wow...I have definitely been out of commission for a few days! The home stay was a great experience. I really connected with the girl I was sharing a room with, Grace, so that was really fun. One night we decided to go get a pint of cider, and ended up getting a few drinks bought for us, so we were a little bit tipsy when we got home. Then, we laid out a feast of all the random food we had with us, which consisted of gluten free pretzels, chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, and Haribo gummy bears. It was very tasty and really fun.

Yesterday I officially moved into my flat, even though that feels like a year ago! Time is so crazy! I immediately went to Tesco, the local supermaket, and bought all of the home stuff I needed, like towels and dishes and of course food. And on the topic of food, wow! They have so many cool things I want to try! I felt like a kid in a candy shop! It was very difficult to take it all in. I am so so excited to try their scones and stuff! I bought these little chocolate caramel shortcake bites because they were a pound and I wanted to try something new--best decision of my life. They are AMAZING! Definitely taking some home with me in my suitcase! My room is getting a little bit homier, I have a pink polka dot duvet cover and have all of my stuff in here now, so it's not quite so barren. We also went to check out the local mall, Thistles, and did a little bit of shopping for clothes and home decoration!

Last night was really fun, we all went out to the pubs and a club called Dusk. At a pub, not sure what it was called, I made friends with this group of maybe mid-twenty aged guys, and one of them I beat in a Guiness drinking contest! That kind of made my night. His friend was really cute, but I came to find out that he was engaged, which was unfortunate for me. Then on our way to the club, they all took turns carrying me, which was kind of hilarious. Dusk was fun, but Amanda, another girl in our group, and I left a little bit early because the club was so packed and we were a little bit tired.

This morning I woke up, had some of my almond honey oatmeal (they have such a better selection of oatmeal here than we do in the US!) and went up to campus! My flatmate Glenna, Amanda and I decided to walk, to see how long it would take. It was a bit of a trek--I think it took us about 40 minutes. So not that bad, but a little bit too much to do everyday probably, so I bought a bus pass. We met Grace up at campus for lunch, and I tried chili Doritos! Most. Amazing. Doritos. Ever. I am so in love with them! They also have jalapeno ones, which I am really excited to try!! It's a little bit sad that the things I've been most excited about have been food, but oh well! I was also able to get my internet figured out while I was on campus, which was a godsend! Now I can be connected to the world finally! Orientation for Stirling was good, pretty standard. Tonight at midnight I'm able to sign up for seminars and stuff, which will be good, because then I can know my final schedule.

I have also discovered a way to watch British TV online, alas, not American, but I got to catch up on Whitechapel which was very exciting! I also ate almost an entire package of digestive biscuits while watching it without realizing. Not one of my proudest moments...

I really hope I can Skype with people soon! I got to talk to Anna a few days ago, which was really nice! Let me know when you guys have time, now that I have a more concrete schedule I can plan Skype dates!


  1. Sounds really fun Kirry girl! Not tried Haggis yet? Daddio

    1. Yep, ditto! Sounds as though you're settling in and making some connections. Love you, Mom