Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Relaxed Day Around Stirling!

Yesterday was really nice and relaxing! It was one of those days where the whole day I felt busy, but looking back on it didn't really do too much...everything just takes time I guess. Amanda and I went to the gym in the morning, which felt amazing. The rest of the day we went grocery shopping, watched some TV, made tomato soup and cheese sandwiches for dinner (yum!) and then we went to see the film The Vow with Grace and Ashley! Going to see the movie was really fun! We found ourselves in a different section of Stirling that none of us had explored before, which is always exciting! The "cinema" (we're not supposed to call it a movie theater here apparently) was a new experience as well! They actually assign you a seat unlike in the US, so we had to be sure that we got our tickets all at the same time. There was also a Ben and Jerry's ice cream stand in the movie theater! It was so ridiculously tempting, but we all got away unscathed! The movie itself was good, still a chick flick, but it was fun!

Today, Grace is going to show me an Indian restaurant she discovered a few days ago! She says that it's really good, so I'm excited! Thank god my taste buds changed before I came here...I have eaten so much spicy food lately! After lunch we're going to explore Stirling a little bit more, and head back over into the area that the cinema was in. I don't want to miss anything Stirling has to offer while I'm here! I also need to find a place to do laundry...I'm pretty much dying without any clean clothes, so Amanda and I might try to find a laundromat today. Wish us luck!

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