Friday, June 8, 2012

Blitz Tour of Oslo!

Ok! I have a LOT to catch up on! The last two days have been an awesome whirlwind experience of Oslo!

My train from Hamar to Oslo got in at around 8:00, but I phrased my email to Tore in a bit of an ambiguous tone, so he didn't know I was going to be there! Soo I wandered around the train station for a while, looking for someone with a Norwegian flag (since he said he would be carrying one), and then after about half an hour I decided that I should probably call! I got a hold of his sister Torill, who called him, and in a little bit everything was solved and we were leaving the station to start our blitz tour of Oslo!

The first stop was to see the opera house and walk around! Tore told me that the building was so bright that when people stay up there for too long they can get blinded for a while! That's pretty intense!

After seeing that we went and visited Akershus fortress, and then made our way into the other section of Oslo, called Aker Brygge which is really nice! That was maybe one of my favorite places in Oslo - very chic!

Then the next few stops were the parliament building, Karl Johans (the main street in Oslo) and then up to the palace where I got a picture with a nice guard!

These things all took a few hours, but we weren't finished yet! The next two things on our list were the Viking and folk museums!

The Viking museum was rather small, but the ships were more than impressive! It is so amazing to think that these men took those ships all over in the sea! I would hardly trust myself in the harbor! They were also so amazingly beautiful. It's so fantastic that they were able to be so well preserved.

Then the folk museum! I loved seeing the houses with the grass on top and the stave church was so cool. It's such a shame that so many of them were destroyed, but I feel so lucky that I was able to see one that still exists!

After a few hours looking around the museum we were exhausted from a very busy day! We crossed off almost everything on Tore's Oslo list, and I was feeling pretty accomplished! In about eight hours I had covered a city! The next stop was home for some fajitas :) I met Amanda and Mortin, and we had fun bouncing around on the trampoline and getting to know each other a little bit better. Before I knew it, it was time for bed, so off to sleep we went! I slept so hard after the long day! Normally I wake up a few times during the night, but definitely not yesterday! I slept like a rock, and it was awesome!

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