Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day Of Pure Italian Bliss

Wow. I thought that yesterday I loved Florence, but after today I love it even more! We did a cooking class today that was SO much fun, and such an awesome experience!

We had to be at the class at 9:45, so we went and had a breakfast of fruit and cappuccinos at a nearby café, and then the fun began! Our chefs names were Giovanni and Andrea, and they took us first to the central market in Florence. This was our first time looking around the market, and it was so amazing! There were so many amazing foods, and just the place was just humming with a fun energy. At the market we sampled foods from one food stall, and Janece and I both nearly fell into flavor induced comas! We tried pecorino romano, one served with pear jam, the second with truffle oil, and the third with sundried tomato. We tried three different types of olive oil, and three different types of balsamic vinegar. We tried delicious sundried tomato bruschetta. It was all so delicious! After making some completely necessary purchases, we made our way through the rest of the market and on to the cooking school!

 Over the next three hours, we made tiramisu, pasta from scratch, meat sauce, and ravioli from scratch served with a butter and sage sauce. It was such a cool experience to be able to take a cooking class in Italy! It was definitely worth the time and money, and I would recommend that anybody taking a trip to Italy considers this really memorable experience! The food was incredible of course, but mostly we just had a blast being there and hearing our chefs say “perfecto” over our shoulders. 

When we had finished with the cooking class, we ran over to the leather school at Santa Croce church before they closed for the day. That was another glorious experience! The quality of their products was out of the this world! The smell of leather was incredible, and the leather all felt like pure butter. I decided to go ahead and get myself a souvenir there J

Following our little shopping excursion, we went back to the Pitti Palace to be able to look around the Boboli Gardens. We lived on the wild side and decided to find our way there without looking at a map, and were successful! Yay! The gardens were gorgeous, but also huge, and we hardly even scratched the surface of that place! We were walking around, and tried to find where we were on one of the signs with a map there, and realized that we hadn’t even walked a third of the way up the middle of the gardens, let along all of the side paths. Since we got there a little later we didn’t have too much time, but we got to explore for about an hour which turned out to be probably a perfect amount of time.

After our hour walk, it was time for a dinner of yummy asparagus risotto! We had walked by an adorable place on our way to the market, so we found it again and ate on the terrace beside beautiful pink flowers. Then we went back to our favorite restaurant, which we now refer to as “our restaurant”, on palazzo de signitoria, where I ate a delicious chocolate hazelnut torte, and Janece drank Sambuca. Delicioso! We sat there and enjoyed people watching while Andrea Boccelli played in the background. Definitely a “pinch me, we’re in Italy” moment.

So, another wonderful day has come to a close. I’m so excited for all the fun we’ll have tomorrow, but at the same time I wish we could repeat today again! This place just keeps getting better and better!


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