Sunday, June 17, 2012

Naples Another Day

Well, we were supposed to do a day trip to Naples today, but that didn't really come together as planned! First, we were looking at the train times last night and realized that the trip was going to be a little pricier than we had anticipated, which is never a fun surprise. Then, Janece had been feeling a little bit off yesterday afternoon/evening, and I started to feel not so great last night, leading to a pretty restless sleep. So when Janece's alarm went off at 6:30 and neither of us were feeling all that fantastic, we decided it would be better to just hang out in Rome just in case!

So, we went and explored the Trastevere area of Rome! The weather was really warm again, with a high of 91. We went to a pizzeria in the area since I had been planning on the Naples pizza, and it was so yummy! I chose a pizza with pesto, mozzarella, potatoes and salami. It was so big, and I definitely didn't think I would be able to finish it, but finish it I did! No problemo!

After that we just walked around the area, making our way from Ponte Sisto over to the Ponte Cestio and the Isola Tiberina, an island in the middle of the Tiber river which has historically been a place for medicine and the sick. During the plague, they put every infected person onto the island to try to isolate them from the rest of the population. My cousin Bo had given Janece some ginger lemon creme cookies, and we enjoyed eating them on the island, in an appropriate location seeing as he's studying medicine!

A little later I wasn't feeling too fantastic, so we headed back to the hotel and had some time for me to rest a bit and for Janece to get some packing in since she's leaving tomorrow morning. So sad!

Then we headed back to the area we now refer to as our "hood", near the Trevi Fountain where our other two favorite restaurants are. We opted to try a new place, and Janece had their Prosciutto and melon, while I had some grilled vegetables.

Then we walked back so Janece could tackle her packing, and watched American TV dubbed in Italian! I'm so sad that Janece is leaving seems way too soon for our Italian vacation to be over! But I guess all good things have to come to an end, and this has definitely been a good thing. We have made lots of good memories, eaten a lot of delicious food, and seen a lot of amazing art and history!

She leaves early in the morning, so I think I will probably just walk around and revisit the places I liked the most! Then I will be on my way home! I'm sad for this whole adventure to be coming to a close, but I am also so excited to be home again with family and friends!

But first, another day in Rome awaits!


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