Monday, June 4, 2012

Norway: First Day In Trondheim!

The effort it took to get from Oslo to Trondheim was definitely worth it! Kolbjorn and Grethe have been so friendly and yesterday took me to see where my Norwegian ancestors on my father's side are from!

In the morning, first I woke to this fantastic sight:

Delicious! We ate salmon and I tried the cow's milk version of geitost since I'm not very fond of the goat's milk version and it was very tasty! Especially when Grethe suggested trying it with some jam! I also ate some muesli which was really yummy. It may not seem like much to some people, but I love trying new foods and experiencing the food of the place I'm visiting, so it was really fun.

After breakfast, we piled into the car and headed off to see the place where my dad's family comes from! Kolbjorn joked that I was seeing more of the inside of Norway than the outside because of all the long tunnels we had to pass through to get there, but the scenery we did see was beautiful!

We got to the old farm after about an hour and a half, and it was so nice to be able to look at the houses and the old things inside and be able to make the connection between the people I have seen in photographs and where they came from. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to come see it!

Grethe and I in front of the farm:

After the farm we went and visited Kolbjorn's father's grave, and my great great grandfather's grave, and then we went and saw Kolbjorn's mother for a little bit. That was really nice; even though she doesn't speak English she was so friendly and sweet. She said that I resembled one of her aunts which made me feel like a part of something even though the family connection is removed. She also gave me a table runner she had stitched and some Norwegian socks she had knitted, which was a very nice gift.

His mother insisted on buying us lunch at a nearby restaurant, and being in Norway, I had to try something traditional so I went for the meatballs! The stuff on the right is mushy peas for concerned viewers :)

Later that night Karin and Mari, one of Kolbjorn's daughters and granddaughters, came over for dinner and then we went to see the musical "Hair" in Trondheim. Most of it was in Norwegian which made comprehension obviously difficult, but the dancing and singing were still fun!

Overall, a very fun day and I'm excited to see more! Today we will go down into downtown Trondheim and see the cathedral and look around the shops and then I am off on the train to Hamar to visit relatives on my mother's side! So much fun!

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