Friday, June 8, 2012

Oslo, Take Two!

Today was a much calmer day, but still going going going!

We started by going to Mortin's school, where I spoke a little bit to his English class about the US, and they were able to tell me some things about Norway! I was informed that their favorite Norwegian food was tacos, and that there is a Norwegian food made of a sheep's head where you eat everything, including the eyes! And I though lutefisk and haggis were bad! Blech!

After that, we went to Holmenkollen ski jump, which was really cool. It was so steep, which you can see in the picture. I can't imagine going down that on skis, especially not with a jump at the bottom! Sounds like a sure way to die if you ask me! They had some videos of the professionals though, and it looked awesome. I really want to come to Norway sometime in the winter so that I can see it in person. I would be terrified half of the time that I was about to witness someone's death, but as long as everyone survives it would be a very cool experience :)

After that, we were off to meet my pen pal Erling at the sculpture park! That was very cool. He and I have been writing to each other since I was 11 years old, so for 11 years! Obviously we wrote a lot more often when we were younger and had more time, but Facebook has made staying in contact easier and it was very nice to finally be able to meet him! I hope that we can stay in contact and meet again, hopefully sooner than 11 more years!

Then it was a quick coffee with Lisa, and we were off to meet Torill! We drove up to her parents' cottage about 50 minutes outside of Oslo and had a very nice dinner together. The restaurant we went to used to be a lighthouse, and looking around you could hardly tell we were still in Norway! I felt like I was in Greece and had somehow bypassed customs! The food was really tasty...lots of salads and interesting meats and fresh fruit and figs for dessert! It is so funny, because I think the only "Norwegian" food I have eaten here was the meatballs in Trondheim! But as everyone (including the child whose favorite Norwegian food is Tacos) has told me, traditional Norwegian food is not a very common thing anymore.

After a very nice dinner we headed back home, where Torill made me a hot drink, freia solbærtoddy, a hot blackcurrant drink, and some Norwegian chocolate since she said both of these things were traditional Norwegian foods :)

So, a little bit slower paced, but still a busy day! Now I am soon going to bed, because I have to be at the airport at 4 AM to fly to Florence! Woohoo! Six days in Norway is definitely not enough, and I really wish that I could have had at least twice as much time in every place I visited. The people here have all been so warm and friendly, and have made me feel very at home and part of the family. I definitely need to come back!

But, all good things must come to an end, and luckily my adventures are not quite finished yet. Next stop: Firenze!

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  1. Perhaps i need to get a sheeps head for Christmas Dinner?