Friday, June 15, 2012

Catch Up: June 13, From Florence With Love

I have to play some major catch up now! We have been going so fast since we got to Rome, there has seriously been NO time to catch our breath, let alone blog! But here goes!

On the 13th, we ate our breakfast in sight of the Duomo in Florence, and said a little goodbye to our charming city. Then it was on to the train to Roma! Getting on the train was a little stressful since we had such huge bags and the gypsies (I'm sorry if that's not a pc term) were really in our face. But soon we were on our way, watching the gorgeous Tuscan countryside pass us by. And then we were in Rome!

We wasted no time in exploring the city. The bags got dropped off at our hotel and then whoosh! We were off! After eating a yummy lunch of beet and Gorgonzola risotto for Janece and eggplant and tomato sauce for me, we were off to see Rome via one of Rick Steves' self-guided Rome walks. That was easy enough, and we saw the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, sat in the Pantheon, ate a delicious granita, walked around Piazza Novella, and got to Campo De Fiori where the walk ended. We had started around 3, and by the time we reached the end of the walk around 5:30. We were feeling almost ready for dinner, and decided that we should walk on side streets in the direction of our hotel to find a more authentic place for dinner. Well, it wasn't until four hours later that we finally sat down! The walk there, which is now referred to as "the death march", was us using a map where the pictures of the monuments are not drawn in the right direction, so we got so turned around so many times, and were BEYOND exhausted. What was supposed to be no more than a three hour walk had turned into six and a half! By the end it's safe to say that our walk began to resemble more of a crawl. But, by about 10 PM our dinner of caprese salad and chicken and arrived, much to our stomachs' relief! We also managed to find a relatively good place to eat and didn't have to resort to the "Rockadile Cafe", which at one point seemed like it might be our only option!

The combination of just a long day (we had been up and going at that point for 14 hours), our death march, and hunger resulted in us getting a little bit silly, and we were doubled over laughing all throughout the last half of our meal! I had been so hungry, and was searching my chicken's carcass for any last remnants of food when Janece looked up to say something. Just the humor of that scene and the whole day sent us into intense fits of laughter that didn't stop until about half an hour after we got back to the hour later.

So, overall, a pretty good day! We got in a LOT of walking, and an ab workout to boot!

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