Saturday, June 16, 2012

La Dolce Vita

Another fun day in Rome! We had a high of 90, and it was still 86 at 6 PM, which got a little bit warm at times, but no complaints! As Janece just said, much better than 50 degrees and raining!

On our itinerary today was a visit to some Roman baths and a crypt. We got kind of a later start because we took a well deserved morning to sleep in, so we headed to the baths at around 11:30. Turns out that the baths actually don't exist anymore, because a church was built on top of them! So that was a bit of a let down to me, because let's be honest, a church is a church is a church after a while, and especially after you've just been to St. Peter's Basilica! But it was still very pretty, and we got to listen to an organist playing wedding marches since a wedding ceremony had just finished when we got there!

After the church, we meandered back to a restaurant we had walked by on our first day for lunch. I tried risotto with ham, pecorino, and a mushroom sauce, and any guesses as to what Janece had? That's right! Prosciutto and melon! I don't think a day has passed that she hasn't eaten that for at least one meal! It's so funny!

We took a very long lunch to escape the heat, and then went back to the leather store where Janece had bought her little blue purse and got matching leather bracelets to remember our trip by! We had originally wanted the bracelets to say "L'Italia a piedi 2012", which means "Italy by foot 2012" or "Walking Italy 2012", but he said that was too long, so we just cut it down to "A piedi 2012". They're so adorable! And if they're special to us now, I know the bracelets are going to mean so much more in the future.

It's so funny that we got so turned around our first day here, because it turns out everything is actually relatively close to each other! So, a hop skip and a jump later we were enjoying our third granita outside the pantheon! They are really really incredible, and everyone has gotten the memo apparently, because it seems like every third person walking in the pantheon neighborhood has one in hand!

We took ours over to Piazza Navona and perused the street artists' work. I love all of the oil paintings, but there is really no room at all in my luggage to be able to get one home safely! They're also pretty pricey. Rightfully so, but still.

It was 5 PM by the time we were leaving the square, so we decided to take our time and just walk in the direction of the hotel (the correct way this time) and take a little break before dinner. So we were only walking around for about three hours today since we took a pretty long break for lunch! I think we're losing a little bit of steam here near the end, especially when the heat is added to the equation. Traveling is exhausting!

For dinner we went back to one of our favorite restaurants in Rome, Nana! Janece got a caprese salad, and I got filet mignon and amazing grilled vegetables with olive oil and garlic. Delicious! I had been majorly craving red meat for a while, so that really hit the spot.

Tomorrow we take a day trip to Naples! I'm excited to see the water, and besides trying Gusta pizza in Florence, we've been waiting to try the pizza in Napoli! I'm sure we'll have an awesome time!


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