Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Day In Edinburgh!

Today we spent another fun day in Edinburgh! Since the family had already seen all of the necessary tourist spots, we mainly focused on walking the royal mile, and going into shops that we had only window shopped in the day before. It was a pretty relaxing day, and it felt like the time just flew by!

One thing we got to do that we hadn't before was climb up Arthur's Seat. It was so so windy, but the view of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas from up there is just gorgeous! Plus it was fun to stretch our legs and get our hearts going a bit. Plus we needed to built up appetites for more shortbread!

I purchased a few pieces of Queen Victoria china when I was in London with Rebecca, and today as my souvenir, my parents bought me the last two pieces to make a full set--the creamer and sugar bowl! I'm so excited, because now I can have a tea for two with all one set of really pretty china! I eventually want to get more cups and saucers and plates (since I only have two of each), and also dinner plates, but I definitely have a promising start. Yahoo! 

When we got back to Stirling, we went back to Molly Malone's for dinner with Amanda, which was really fun. None of us were hungry enough for dessert though, which means it's all about the toffee pudding tomorrow. That is non-negotiable.

Tomorrow is the last day the family is going to be in Scotland :( I really don't want them to leave...I think they should just move here for the next 11 weeks! It has been so much fun having them here and I'm not ready for it to end, but I suppose all good things have to come to a close eventually. We will be spending the day out and about Stirling, maybe going back up to the castle, and then taking a walk along the old city wall, which should be fun!

Until later!

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