Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I haven't had a chance to update my blog in a while, so I'm playing a little bit of catch up today! Last Saturday, the 10th, Amanda and I went to check out Glasgow. We had run through it when we got on the wrong train two weeks before, but we wanted to actually check out the city! We did the Rick Steves walking tour, which was really good, as always! That man is a genius!

The first stop on the walking tour was the lighthouse, which has fantastic views of the city. There was some sort of event going on, we couldn't figure out what, but the top observation floor was closed for the day! We were really bummed, but then this old man told us that they were still setting up, so we should just take the elevator up and say we didn't know. So, that's what we did! Luckily there wasn't anybody up there even, so we got to take a look and get our pictures! It was really pretty, and it was also a clear day so we could see pretty far.

After the lighthouse, the walking tour pretty much just consisted of architectural designs and the like. So there wasn't anything really dramatic, but it was a nice walk around the city and we felt like we got the city down pretty well.

Before going home, we took a ride on the Ferris wheel, because Amanda was very excited by it! It was fun to see more of the city, and the little kid in me was thrilled to be on a ride :)

Overall, it was a pretty relaxing day! We caught the train and were home by dinner! I think we don't need to go back from a tourist perspective, but there is definitely a lot of shopping and great restaurants and pubs we wanted to check out! Until then, Glasgow!


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