Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Morning Walk

I woke up to the strangest sight. I looked around me and tried to figure out what was wrong. My room looked the same as it had when I went to sleep. I hadn't forgotten to turn in an assignment. Then, with amazement and joy, I realized what had changed! The SUN was shining!!!

I bought a book of walks around Stirling a few days ago, so after eating a quick breakfast,  my flatmate Glenna and I took off to discover a little bit more of our town. We took the walk to discover the old Stirling harbor and Cambuskenneth Abbey, both of which are pretty close to the city center, but neither of had even known they existed.

The walk took us along the bank of the River Forth, which is lined with willow trees and daffodils. The old harbor, we learned from my book, is where people would have arrived in Stirling from Edinburgh. We also learned that the water in the River Forth flows upstream, because the river is tidal all the way up to Stirling!

The abbey was just a short ways past the harbor, and was a surprisingly peaceful spot. According again to my book, the Abbey was an important one during the reign of King Robert the Bruce, and he confirmed the succession of his son there. Today only the bell tower is still standing, the rest of it having been destroyed or crumbled away decades ago. Unfortunately entry to what is left of the abbey begins in April, but Glenna and I decided that we would just have to come back!

On our walk back to the flat, which followed the River Forth, we talked about taking a walk on Mondays and finding a place to have a picnic lunch, because neither of us have class until 2 PM. Weather permitting of course.

It is such a beautiful day, and I'm hopeful that there are many more to come!

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