Saturday, March 17, 2012

Around Stirling

Yesterday was my parents' and Karl's last day with me in Scotland. We decided to spend the day around Stirling instead of trying to fit in another day trip, so it was nice and relaxing! After having breakfast at the bed and breakfast (The lady was so nice and let me eat breakfast there with them in the mornings), we went out to finish everyone's missions. First, I had a pile of stuff to send home with them, so Dad helped me get that together and bring it back to the b&b. Then, Mom really wanted a British cookbook, so we looked around at different stores to compare her options, and Dad wanted to find a tie in a specific tartan, so he and Karl went to take care of that.

It was a day of running various errands, but it was actually really fun! When Mom and I were looking for her bookstore, we went up a street I had never been to before. There is an "Olde Sweet Shoppe" at the top of it, some cafes, bakeries, and restaurants I haven't tried...and of course, the most important, Dominos Pizza! It was really cool! I definitely need to go back up and check it out!

After getting everything settled and ready for their early morning departure, we went to go see The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel, because I knew they would really like it. We had originally planned to go to a restaurant Mom and I had found, but couldn't resist my Indian take-away, Chico's, so we ate there instead. So, so yummy! He told Mom and Dad that he would take care of me :)

They all walked me back to my flat, and we had to say goodbye, which I really hate. I know I will continue to have a fantastic time here, but watching them leave was definitely not easy. I think I am so blessed though, because I genuinely enjoy my family's company so much, and we have such great times together. Being away helps me see what a huge part of my life they are, and I'm happy about that!

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