Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fish, Chips, and More Ghosts!

This is going to be a very fast entry, because I need to meet up with my family again in a few minutes. Yesterday we went to Oban! Even thought the train ride was a little bit long, it was SUCH a fun trip. Oban is so beautiful. It's basically like an older Seattle that never turned into a major city, so it has the ocean side charm, mixed with the old world charm I love about Scotland. Amazing.

We went to The George Street Fish and Chips for lunch when we got there, which was supposedly the best fish and chips in the area. We all basically died and went to heaven. It was AMAZING! I have never ever had fish and chips that good before. Totally worth a trip back up to Oban so I can try it again!

After feeding ourselves and some seagulls, we made the trek up to Dunolli Castle, which used to be a MacDougal castle, but now is just ruins. Having seen the castle, we made our way back down to Dunolli house, where the real fun began! Two ladies, Elise and Catherine, made our visit to Dunolli house a completely worthwhile and enjoyable time. First, Elise took us on a tour of the house, and was able to show us the most amazing things. We saw portraits of people, and then were able to see, immediately after, the actual clothes they were wearing in the portrait. How cool is that? Being able to connect with history on this level really made it come alive for all of us. We realized again that history isn't just a story, like it's sometimes easy to think, these people were really alive!

We got a reminder that these people really existed when we went down for tea, following the tour. The housekeeper had made scones that blew my mind, they were so good! I know I go on and on about the food, but believe me. You have not had scones until you have tried those. During tea, we were talking about all sorts of cool historical pieces, and then we got into the ghost stories! I am going to leave the ghost stories for another blog, but suffice to say, we were all creeped out by the time we left!

We had to get back on the train to Stirling pretty immediately, and then had a fun train picnic of oat cakes, cheese, carrots, digestives, and ginger beer! It was a really fun time, and I can't wait for more adventures today!


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