Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Awesome Family!

Yesterday was an awesome day, for kind of silly reasons! First, I got an email from my Aunt Janece where she confirmed our trip to Italy!! I am SO excited to be able to spend this time with her, see all of the awesome sights in Italy, and eat lots and lots of pasta and gelato! Yum! Yesterday I spent almost the entire day at an internet cafe planning out our time in Italy, making reservations, etc. It was so much fun and so exciting!!

When I went home briefly, I arrived to a package from my sister Anna. She wrote me the sweetest note, and included really thoughtful and cute things for me. It was such a nice thing to come home to!

When my parents came to visit me they brought me a book from Eva back home; it's a murder mystery novel based on the story of Pride and Prejudice, titled Death Comes to Pemberley. It is a fun read, so I spent the night enjoying fiesta Starbursts from Anna, reading my book, and stopping every once in a while to check emails regarding Italy! It was such a fun day, provided by my family (and friends who are basically family). Thank you guys!!

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